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Important News


Paul & Lydia's Shop has recently moved from 33 Georges Street to their new premises at 51 St George's Walk. Only 5 minutes walk from our old shop.


See the Map on the How to find us.

51 St George's Walk

East Croydon



Telephone: 0203 754 9931

Telephone: 0773 548 8818

Paul and Lydia African and European Fabrics and Fashions



Paul and Lydia are experianced designers and tailors for both african and european styles.


Our four designers and tailors each have their own personal syle which they can use to help you to choose the fabric and styles which will suit you and your family.


Whether you are looking for a new outfit for everyday wear, a special occasion, for church or a traditional wedding, Paul and Lydia Fabrics can work with you to make this possible.




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